Covid Protocols

Here Are the Safety Measures We Take on Every Job


Our top priority on every job is to ensure the safety of our customers and our employees. We believe in creating a stress-free process from beginning to end—starting with the moment we arrive at your home.


Here is the safety protocol every person in our company follows:


  • All our fieldworkers are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • We wear protective masks for every job.
  • We use a protective layer on large jobs to contain our footprints inside your home.
  • We use the latest indoor air quality (IAQ) technology to clean all surfaces and eliminate airborneviruses and bacteria.


Our safety measures extend to our offices, as well as our company vehicles. We practice social distancing and follow appropriate hygiene guidelines. We also incorporate solutions such as UVC wands to sanitize our workspace and products.


Finally, we use a high-efficiency IAQ system to decontaminate all the surfaces in our shop. We hope this provides comfort to you, knowing that our products are germ-free and safe before they reach your home.


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