Indoor Air Quality Services in Oregon City, OR

Indoor air quality is extremely important, but it’s not something homeowners always think about until it becomes a problem. Do you have dry skin? Scratchy throat? Constant allergies? If these things get worse when your circulated air kicks on, it’s a sign there’s a problem with the air quality.

L & J Heating & Cooling delivers peace of mind and better comfort to homeowners throughout Oregon City, Clackamas County, and Beavercreek, OR. Let us introduce you to the many benefits of an indoor air quality system installation! We promise you’ll be able to see, feel and smell the difference with an air scrubber system installed.

What’s in Your Circulated Air?

Over weeks and months and years, your home’s recirculated air becomes home to many unwanted particles and irritants. These particles become trapped in vents, clog up filters and get blown into your living spaces again and again. They’ll stay there until they’re removed by a filter or an air purifier installation. Some of the most common air quality detractors include:

  • Pollen, dust and other allergens
  • Pet hair and dander
  • Microbes and bacteria
  • VOCs like benzene and formaldehyde
  • Smoke from cooking or cigarettes

As the number of particles rises, your air quality lowers. It can lead to itchy skin, sinus irritation, headaches, lethargy and numerous other issues.

Aerus Air Scrubbers

The best way to purify your air and keep airborne contaminants to a minimum is through indoor air quality systems. At L & J Heating & Cooling, we recommend Aerus Air Scrubbers to Oregon City, OR homeowners with air quality concerns. These units attach directly to HVAC ductwork and are highly effective at removing particles from circulation. Not only do they purify the air, they lower the burden on your HVAC system for better efficiency and longer unit life!

Enjoy Clean, Comfortable Air

Tired of breathing in air that feels stale or that irritates your sinuses? Let L & J Heating & Cooling introduce you to fresher, cleaner, healthier air through and indoor air quality system installation. Contact us today at 971-208-7808 to learn more about Aerus Air Scrubbers and the many benefits they bring to your home’s indoor air quality.