Heat Pump Installation & Repair in Oregon City, OR

Heat Pump Installation
More and more Oregon City, Clackamas County, and Beavercreek, OR homeowners are experiencing the benefits of heat pumps in their home. These systems are affordable, cost-efficient and versatile in the Pacific Northwest Climate. Let L & J Heating & Cooling introduce you to the many benefits of a heat pump installation or provide the essential repairs and maintenance to keep yours functioning at its best.

Our talented team of HVAC experts has extensive experience with heat pumps, spanning all manufacturer brands and capacities. Let us help you make the most of a heat pump installation, to provide your home with the comfortable environment you deserve.

Heat Pump Repair

If you already have a heat pump in your home, you know the benefits. But heat pumps are only effective when they’re well-maintained and serviced at appropriate intervals. If not, they can develop issues. Call us if your heat pump is showing any of the following problems and we’ll work fast to get it back up and running efficiently.

  • Not enough heat or sudden loss of heat
  • Frequent or incorrect cycling
  • Strange noises or smells
  • Runs constantly and won’t turn off

Heat Pump Installation

Thinking about bringing a new heat pump installation into your home in Oregon City, OR? We’re the team to call! Our experts have more than two decades of experience with heat pumps and can handle the complete installation—from installing the mechanical unit itself, to electrical and thermostat controls. We don’t leave until it’s tested and working correctly, so you can experience the benefits of a heat pump starting right away.

Heat Your Home Efficiently

If your home has a heat pump or you’re thinking about upgrading to one, call L & J Heating & Cooling today at 971-208-7808 or check out some of our other heating services. Let us provide you with the information you need to make a smart investment in your comfort. Contact us to keep your heat pump, furnace, and HVAC system working efficiently for as long as you own your home.