Boiler Repair & Replacement Oregon City

Boilers need stringent care to maintain their function and efficiency, and if there are problems, you can’t wait to get them resolved. L & J Heating & Cooling is your all-in-one expert when it comes to boiler repairs and replacements in Oregon City, OR. We’ve been working on boilers for more than two decades and have the know-how and foresight to provide our customers with the superior service they deserve.

Whether your boiler is on the fritz and leaking, or the time has come to make an upgrade to a more efficient unit, we’re ready to help. Trust our team to provide a complete scope of services, so you never have to wonder if you’re getting the most out of your boiler.

Boiler Repairs

Problems with your boiler can’t wait. Call us for boiler repairs and we’ll make sure you don’t have to! Our team comes equipped to fix most common boiler issues, preventing bigger issues from arising and preserving the efficiency and function of your unit. Some of the most common issues we can assist with include:

  • No heating or lukewarm temperatures
  • Leaking and dripping
  • Kettling or mineral deposits
  • Pilot light issues
  • Low or loss of pressure
  • Banging, clanging or whistling sounds

Boiler Replacement

If enough problems start to add up with your boiler, the smart investment might be in boiler replacement. We’ll come out to your Oregon City, OR home and inspect your boiler to gauge its condition and functionality. If you’d benefit from a replacement, count on us to take care of the entire process—from removal of an old unit, to hookups and new boiler installation. We’ll test everything and make sure it’s working right, so you can enjoy your new unit worry-free.

Call the Boiler Experts

Looking for a boiler expert you can trust? Turn to L & J Heating & Cooling and let us take care of your complete boiler needs. From repairs and maintenance to replacement units, we’ll ensure your system works efficiently, so you can enjoy the benefits. Reach us today at 971-208-7808 or check out some of our other heating services.