Furnace Installation in Oregon City, OR

Furnace Installation

During the cooler months of the year, having a working, reliable furnace is crucial. The last thing you want is to get caught in the middle of a frigid fall or arctic winter without heat!

L & J Heating & Cooling helps local-area homeowners maintain their furnaces so that when the time comes, they can rely on them confidently. We’re available for complete furnace repair in Oregon City, Clackamas County, and Beavercreek, OR, as well as replacements. We’ll make sure your furnace is capable of providing your home with warm air throughout fall, winter and the early parts of spring.

Furnace Installation & Maintenance

Sometimes all your furnace needs to serve you well is a quick tune-up. Keep it running efficiently with a full battery of seasonal startup services, including:

  • Filter replacement
  • Flame sensor cleaning
  • Blower motor inspection and lubrication
  • Pilot light service
  • Drainage inspection
  • Vent and airflow checks

In maintaining your furnace, we also keep an eye out for any parts or components that may be at risk. We can swap out parts before they go bad, saving you money and frustration.

The best part? Furnace installation and maintenance takes no time at all. We can complete most tune-ups in less than 30 minutes and give you a full report on the status of your furnace. We promise peace of mind and a furnace that’s totally functional, ready for the seasons ahead.

Furnace Installation

Furnace Repair

Does your furnace cycle on and off every few minutes? Can you hear noises while it’s in operation? Are there inconsistencies with the forced air being blown into your home? All these issues and more suggest you might need furnace repair.

Our experienced team is fully-equipped for furnace repair in Oregon City, OR. No matter the problem or the model furnace you have, we’ll get it working again in no time at all. From blowers to pilot lights, mechanical to electrical components, part replacements or calibration issues, we’re the authority. We won’t leave until we’re sure your furnace is working properly.

We stock a broad range of essential parts and components, to complete repairs fast. Thanks to our inventory, you won’t have to wait days for repair!
Furnace Replacement

If your furnace is more than a decade old or has an increasing trend of repairs, it might be time to consider furnace replacement in Oregon City, OR. We can help you decide.
Our experts will talk with you about the condition of your current unit, as well as comparable new units out there. We’ll discuss things like budget, capacity, features and installation timelines with you, so you have all the information you need to make a confident decision.

If you do decide to replace, we’ll take care of everything—including removal of the old unit, furnace installation for the replacement, connections and integrations. From the moment we flip the switch on warm air, you’ll enjoy a new, efficient, reliable furnace for years to come!

Furnace Installation

Need Furnace Service?

If you need furnace maintenance or repairs, or you’re thinking about replacing your current unit with something newer and more efficient, contact L & J Heating & Cooling today at 971-208-7808. We aim to be your complete furnace, HVAC, and indoor air quality service providers!

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