Preparing an Air Conditioner for the Summer

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Depending on where you live, your air conditioner might be working overtime this summer. Providing your air conditioning unit with proper maintenance will prevent it from breaking down during the height of the hot weather. This maintenance might include cleaning the ducts, replacing air filters and removing debris. It’s also good to have a professional air conditioning service in Oregon City, OR come inspect your system from time to time.

Providing your air conditioning unit with proper care and maintenance is easy, especially when working with professionals. Read on for some simple things you can do to prepare your air conditioner for the warmer months.

Get your air conditioner cleaned

Make sure to have the ducts of your air conditioner unit cleaned in preparation for summer. While not in use, mold, mildew and other substances may have grown within your unit. It’s important to have these removed before turning the unit on, so your family isn’t breathing them in. A professional cleaning service will be able to remove any allergens from your air conditioner’s ducts quickly and efficiently.

Have the filters replaced

The filters are an important part of your air conditioner. They trap any contaminants that are floating through the air in your home, which is why it’s good to routinely change your air conditioner’s air filters. The frequency at which you should change the air filters will vary. People who own pets, for example, will probably have to change their air filters more often than people who don’t. Where you live can also affect how often your air filters need changing.

There are several ways to tell whether your air filters need to be changed. If it’s warmer in your home despite the air conditioner running, your air filters might be full of dust. Dust coming out of your air vents could also be a sign that the air filters need changing. It’s best to routinely check your air filters and make sure they aren’t covered in a thick layer of dust and other debris.

Remove sticks, leaves and other debris

Debris can gather near and inside your air conditioner during the colder months. Leaves and large sticks may get caught within your air conditioner and cause problems with the system’s motor. Simply clear out any debris within several feet of your air conditioner and remove leaves and branches from the top. It’s also a good idea to avoid planting anything near your air conditioner.

Have professional routine maintenance

To assure that your air conditioner is properly prepared for summer, it’s best to contact a professional air conditioning service in Oregon City, OR. Professionals will know exactly what issues to watch out for and will be able to offer great advice on keeping your air conditioner properly maintained. It’s recommended that you have your air conditioner inspected by a professional at least once a year. This will help prevent the need for expensive repairs down the line.

If you’re an Oregon City, OR resident in need of quality air conditioning service, contact the professionals at L & J Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment.

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