Spring Is the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance

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The spring season is typically a time for cleaning, gardening and freshening your property to prepare for the summer. As you complete your springtime to-do list, don’t forget to schedule maintenance for your air conditioning in Oregon City, OR. This is a crucial task to ensure your AC system is in top shape for the warmer weather ahead. Consider the following benefits of scheduling your maintenance this spring.

Be prepared

Why wait until the hot, muggy days of summer to discover your air conditioning in Oregon City, OR needs attention? Schedule your professional tune-up in the spring, so you can rest assured your unit is ready to perform reliably during the hot season.

Enjoy convenience

Once peak temperatures arrive, AC technicians are typically quite busy. By contacting your local air conditioning experts early, you can get a convenient appointment time. If you wait too long, their schedule may fill up, and you will have fewer options for your appointment.

Reduce utility bills

A spring tune-up will help keep your utility bills lower. How? If your AC unit is running optimally, it will use less energy. Before you crank up the AC for the summer, schedule a spring maintenance call to get your unit in top shape.

Minimize repairs

When you schedule regular spring service, you help prevent future repairs to your air conditioning in Oregon City, OR. The technician can discover potential problems before they cause damage and will make any necessary repairs while the issue is still minor. This will save money and hassle down the road.

Extend AC lifespan

Regular maintenance will keep your air conditioning running smoother and extend the lifespan of the unit. You’ll enjoy a good return on investment by getting more years out of your unit through proper spring maintenance.

Maintain warranties

Often, a manufacturer will void warranties for your air conditioning in Oregon City, OR if you do not perform regular maintenance on the unit. To ensure these warranties stay in effect, schedule service each spring and keep a record of all your professional maintenance.

Partner with professionals

If you enjoy DIY projects, you may wonder if you should simply perform your own spring AC maintenance. While there are many projects that are ideal for DIY-ers, this is not one of them. You should check your filter each month, and replace it when dirty (typically every one to three months). Beyond this maintenance, it is best to consult with a professional to perform an in-depth spring service check to ensure your unit continues to run smoothly.

Schedule your spring maintenance

Prep your air conditioning in Oregon City, OR for the summer season with a visit from L & J Heating & Cooling this spring. For over 20 years, we have been the area’s go-to HVAC contractor. We offer our services for residential and light commercial properties. Our experts specialize in tune-ups, repairs and installations of air conditioners, heaters, boilers, oil furnaces, gas furnaces and electric furnaces. Reach us today at 971-208-7808 to schedule your spring appointment.

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