The Importance of Air Purifiers for Your Home

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Right now, people are particularly concerned about indoor air quality. While the quality of indoor air is important at any time, it’s especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, when airborne viruses and germs are on everyone’s minds. Thankfully, there are a lot of things homeowners can do to improve their indoor air quality in Oregon City, OR, including investing in air purifiers. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of investing in an air purifier to improve the quality of your indoor air.

What are air purifiers?

A lot of people who want to improve their indoor air quality in Oregon City, OR think about investing in air purifiers, but they may not know much about these systems or how they work. Air purifiers are designed to clean and sanitize air using advanced filtration or UV light treatment. Air purifiers can be purchased as individual units that can be placed in various rooms and moved around, or as larger systems that can be incorporated into an HVAC system in Oregon City, OR.

Benefits of air purifiers

There are a lot of reasons why people are concerned about indoor air quality in Oregon City, OR, especially because of COVID-19. Here are some of the biggest benefits of installing an air purifier in your HVAC system in Oregon City, OR during the pandemic:

  • Fewer allergy symptoms: One of the biggest benefits of installing an air purifier is that it can reduce allergy symptoms. People with allergies are typically very sensitive to dust, pet hair and dander in the air. Unfortunately, many HVAC systems circulate these particles throughout homes during normal operation. Installing an air purifier reduces the presence of all these common particles in indoor air to minimize allergy symptoms and provide people who suffer from allergies with a greater sense of comfort indoors.
  • Minimal respiratory irritation: Even people who don’t have allergies can suffer from respiratory irritation as a result of poor indoor air quality in Oregon City, OR. Particles and contaminants in unfiltered air can irritate the mouth, nose and throat—especially in people who suffer from preexisting respiratory diseases. Air purifiers reduce the contamination of indoor air to prevent these common problems and minimize aggravation of health conditions.
  • Lower risk of disease spread: Another major benefit of installing air purifiers is that it can lower the risk of disease spread. Air purifiers are capable of capturing small particles that float through the air and spread disease from person to person. Installing an air purifier is a great way to keep your home as safe as possible and safeguard against disease spread.

Call for HVAC maintenance services

Find out more about how to improve your indoor air quality in Oregon City, OR by reaching out to L & J Heating & Cooling. Since 2003, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality services to ensure their HVAC systems are kept in the best working order. Our technicians can provide you with recommendations for air purifiers, as well as installation services to get these units up and running to improve your indoor air quality. Find out more about our services by giving us a call today.

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