What Is Surge Protection, and Why Do I Need It?

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Whole-house surge protection in Oregon City, OR helps protect your home from potential high-voltage surges that could damage your appliances or create safety hazards. These devices will usually be wired to your electrical service box so they can protect all of your home’s electrical systems and appliances.

Here are just a few of the most important things you should know about whole-house surge protection and why it’s important for you to have it in your home:

  • The need for surge protection has increased over the years: Homes are running a lot more electrical devices and appliances than ever before. This increased reliance on technology has resulted in an increased need for surge protection. A lot of these appliances have their own circuit boards, meaning it’s more important that they are protected against potential surges that could fry those circuits. Improved surge protection means greater protection of these expensive devices.
  • Surge protection helps you protect other electronics: While it’s true that most harmful electrical surges occur with machines like air conditioning units and certain types of kitchen appliances, that doesn’t mean other electronics can’t also be affected. Appliances on dedicated circuits that see a surge will send the surge through the breaker panel, which could result in it affecting anything else in the home that’s plugged in.
  • Our own habits create electrical surges: Yes, lightning can be dangerous for electronics or other items connected to your electrical systems, but the vast majority of electrical surges we see in homes are caused by the people living there. You typically won’t see a single large surge that wipes out all your appliances, but instead will see mini-surges over the years due to your own electrical habits that can wear out the electronics you have connected to your electrical system, causing their useful life to decrease. Whole-house surge protection helps you protect against these mini-surges as well as the big ones that could be caused by natural disasters and storms.
  • Layered protection methods are best for your home: You don’t want to have your surge protection only at your electrical panel. Having multiple layers of surge protection in your house will give you greater protection. This means having surge protection at the electrical panel and at the point of use. You can use power conditioners with surge suppressors, as well as other types of filters and surge protectors for certain types of electronics, including home theater and entertainment systems where there are likely to be a lot of devices plugged in to a single area.

A professional electrician will be able to offer you some guidance as to the type of surge protection devices that will best suit your home and electrical usage habits. But to learn more about what you should look for in whole-house surge protection devices and why it’s so important to prioritize surge protection in your home, we encourage you to contact L & J Heating & Cooling. As an air conditioning and heating contractor in Oregon City, OR, we’re committed to helping ensure your HVAC system is kept safe from damaging surges.

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