The Top Four Thermostats of 2020 for Homeowners

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Every home with a central heating and air conditioning system has a thermostat attached to the wall that controls the temperature of both units. If you have an older gas-powered wall heater, then your thermostat probably works more like a giant manual dial. No matter the type of thermostat you currently use, though, if it’s not a programmable or wi-fi thermostat, then this is the year to make the change. Modern technology can make your life a whole lot easier, and a smart thermostat could be exactly the thing you need to maintain a comfortable indoor living environment.

Read on if you’re ready to upgrade your current home thermostat! Here’s a list of four advanced thermostats for Oregon City, OR homeowners to consider in 2020.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat

As far as technologically advanced thermostats go, the Honeywell WiFi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat is the device to beat. This reasonably-priced smart thermostat has built-in modern features that are meant to hook into your wi-fi for easy connectivity. Control your heating or cooling settings remotely through your smartphone or computer, or take advantage of its seven-day programming feature that lets you create up to four program periods per day. It will also send intelligent alerts to your phone. On top of all that, it is easy to install and set up, and its touchscreen is simple and clean.

Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat

The Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat is the perfect device for people who are out of the house most of the day, or those who are regularly out for extended periods of time. It’s one of the best overall energy saving thermostats on the market today, as it’s capable of automatically adjusting itself according to your pre-programmed schedule(s). This model allows users to schedule temperature settings seven days a week for up to four time periods per day, and it automatically self-adjusts to daylight saving time. This thermostat is praised for its extra-large touchscreen display, as well as its ability to run on either hardwire or batteries.

Emerson Sensi Touch WiFi Thermostat

If you’re searching for a WiFi connected, HD color touchscreen thermostat to control your home heating and air conditioner system, then the Sensi Touch WiFi Thermostat by Emerson is the device for you. Not only does this unit come with convenient features and a sleek modern design, it’s also a reasonably affordable remote-controlled smart thermostat.

Nest E Smart WiFi Programmable Thermostat

This updated smart Nest thermostat can help you save energy and reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills by a noticeable amount. Its unique frosted display is designed to blend in with most any style of home, but the best part about it is it learns your HVAC habits over time, meaning it will automatically adjust to avoid wasting energy.

Contact the team at L & J Heating & Cooling for all the information you need to choose a new thermostat for your Oregon City, OR home HVAC system. We look forward to helping you explore your options, and we can even install your new thermostat for you!

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