Furnace Filters: Do I Need to Replace Them?

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The standard rule for changing furnace filters is that you should make a point to do it every three months for a one- or two-inch filter, every six months for a four-inch filter and every 12 months for a five-inch filter. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just general guidelines—the rate with which you change these filters will depend on the air quality in your home and the usage of your HVAC system.

It’s important to regularly inspect your furnace filters in Oregon City, OR if you are to have an accurate sense of when the filter needs to be changed. Some of the most common signs that indicate you should change your filter include:

  • A home that appears dustier than normal
  • Clearly dirty furnace filters that are opaque due to dust and debris concentration
  • Strange smells coming from your HVAC system, including burning smells
  • The furnace running more than normal

By changing your furnace filter on a regular basis, you will improve the air quality in your home, clearing it of dust and other contaminants. If you do not change the filter, this will cause the furnace to essentially go into overdrive, forcing it to expend much more energy to produce the same results. This will not only run up the cost of your monthly energy bills, but will also wear down the important components of your HVAC system much faster than you’d probably like, necessitating expensive repairs or replacement far sooner than would otherwise be needed.

Factors that lead to faster filter replacement

There are some factors in your home that can cause you to have to replace your furnace filters at shorter intervals than described above. Here are just a few examples of some of these factors:

  • Animals: Pet hair and dander will shorten the life of your filter, because you can expect that debris to get lodged in the HVAC system. The more animals you have at home, the more frequently you’ll need to replace the filter.
  • Smokers: If anyone smokes in your home, this will also do a number on your furnace filter. More smokers means a shorter filter life. Encourage any smokers in your home to give up the habit for their own health, but also to help you save a bit of cash on furnace filters.
  • Dust: Excessive dust will result in a need to replace your furnace filters sooner. If you know your house tends to collect a lot of dust for whatever reason, this means you’ll need to check your furnace filter for replacement more often than you otherwise would.
  • Allergies: If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, you’ll want to replace the filter more often just to keep the air in your home as clean as possible to assist their breathing.
  • Open doors and windows: If you have doors or windows that are frequently open, it will be easier for dust, debris and pollen to accumulate in your home and your filter.

For more information about replacing furnace filters in Oregon City, OR, contact L & J Heating & Cooling today.

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