Choosing HVAC Contractors Should Be Done Carefully

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Picking an HVAC contractor or company can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. While it is very important to go with a seasoned professional with plenty of experience and positive reviews to their name, there are ways to weed out the hacks and phonies. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is one of the most important—and expensive—parts of your home, and a poorly installed or repaired system can mean even more costs, and potentially more severe damage.

Here are some of the main things to watch for when researching and meeting with HVAC contractors in Oregon City, OR.

Get it in writing

Any contractor that gives you a quote without coming out to your home is probably bad news. Sure, there are the rare occasions when the job is simple enough that they can guess, but your HVAC system is generally not one of those jobs. Chances are you will end up having to fight over “unexpected” costs once the work begins. This could be intentional on their part, or a show of just how inexperienced they really are. Get all of your bids and quotes in writing, and hold the contractor to their word.

Beware of false claims of experience

These days, it’s easy to make just about any business look successful and well-regarded online without ever doing the work. It happens all the time, in fact. When it comes to searching online for your next home service, check multiple sources, make calls and talk to people that have used the contractor. Use tools like Google, Bing and Angie’s List to help weed out the nonsense.

License, please!

Imagine going to the doctor only to have them tell you they aren’t licensed to practice medicine. You probably wouldn’t let them finish the exam, right? The same principle applies to your home and the contractors you hire to work on it. When it comes to a system as vital as your HVAC, it’s important to make sure the people doing the work are licensed in your state. If you roll the dice, you might be getting a contractor that learned their trade from watching amateur YouTube videos.

It’s time for an upgrade

Let’s say your old unit is shot and you need to replace it. It’s important that you push for an updated, energy-efficient unit. Sometimes, contractors will try to use the same unit as you had the first time around, which means you wouldn’t be getting the most efficient system possible. Some will also try to pass off refurbished units as new to save themselves time and money. If you go this route, you could be asking for trouble and more expenses down the road. Push for a new and more efficient system to save yourself from headaches later on.

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