Does My Furnace Need to Be Tuned Up?

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You might be surprised to learn that the majority of homeowners do not get their furnace tuned up every year, despite the industry-wide recommendations to do so. We strongly recommend prioritizing preventative maintenance on your furnace each year, especially if you have an older piece of equipment, just so you can ensure you’ll be able to maximize its useful life.

Here are just a few of the reasons why getting annual inspections and furnace maintenance in Oregon City, OR from a qualified and certified HVAC technician is so important to the long-term function of your furnace.


First and foremost, regular inspections of your furnace and your HVAC system as a whole ensure that the equipment remains safe for you to use. Furnaces burn fuel as a means of providing the heat that gets distributed throughout your house. This means if anything goes wrong inside the furnace system, you could experience a gas or carbon monoxide leak, which can quickly become quite dangerous if left unchecked. Having a professional technician inspect and test your system will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is safe, or will uncover potential safety hazards that you can quickly remedy.

Extended life

Preventative maintenance is always crucial to a long life for any type of mechanical system or appliance. Think of how much preventative maintenance you perform on your vehicles. Furnaces also have parts that can wear out over time, so lessening the stress on the system through preventative maintenance can keep your furnace in good operating condition for a long period of time.

During a tune-up appointment, your service professional will carefully inspect the inner mechanisms of the furnace, making sure they’re functioning properly and haven’t worn down. If they have worn down, this gives you the opportunity to replace the parts before they become hazardous to the rest of the system. Again, this becomes even more important as the furnace ages.

Energy efficiency

Furnace tune-ups include tasks such as cleaning and gas calibration, which help to ensure the furnace will operate as efficiently as possible. This is beneficial both for the environment and for your bank account.

Maintain warranties

In many cases, furnace manufacturers will require you to stay on top of regular maintenance to avoid voiding your warranty. This means that in the long run, if you need some repairs made to your system, prioritizing ongoing maintenance will save you money by keeping your warranty in place.

Ensure cleaner air

Furnace tune-ups will generally include basic cleaning and the installation of a new air filter. Yes, this process helps to ensure better energy efficiency, but don’t overlook the benefits of simply having a cleaner system with cleaner air. This is especially important if you or anyone in your home suffers from respiratory conditions such as allergies or asthma. Doing what you can to keep your air clean will enhance your quality of life.

For more information about the benefits of furnace tune-ups in Oregon City, OR, we encourage you to contact L & J Heating & Cooling today.

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