Prevent Your Boiler from Freezing This Fall and Winter

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As the mercury dips lower and lower throughout fall and into winter, it’s going to be important for you to make sure you’ve prepared your HVAC system and boiler for the cold winter months. A frozen boiler can result in a big problem for you, one that can be quite complicated and expensive to fix. For this reason, you should make boiler maintenance in Oregon City, OR a priority for this fall before the cold weather really begins to set in.

Here are just a few tips to help you get the best results out of your boiler maintenance so you can be protected throughout the coming season.

Keep an eye on your boiler pipes

Awareness is crucial when it comes to keeping your boiler in good condition. The pipes are the most vulnerable part of the boiler during the coldest parts of winter, so that is where you should place most of your focus with regard to maintenance and safety.

Boiler systems always contain water, which means frozen pipes or boilers could result in expansion that could cause some significant damage. In condensing boilers in particular, the water is most likely to collect in condensing pipes. Therefore, you should make an effort to ensure all of those pipes have been properly insulated against the cold. This will go a long way toward preventing them from freezing and causing some significant havoc.

Track performance

There are some specific performance metrics that you should track at all times with your boiler, but especially during the winter when you’re trying to make sure it doesn’t freeze up. Keep an eye on statistics such as operating temperature and pressure, low water cutoff and water levels. You should make it a part of your routine to check this information every day during the winter, especially if you have an older boiler on your property, as they are more likely to lose more pressure over time.

You may tend to keep your boiler off during the warmer months of the year, but if it’s an older system, it might be a good idea to turn it on juts once a day to make sure it doesn’t seize up when you really need it during the winter. Even running it for just 10 to 15 minutes will help it to stay in good operational condition so you can hit the ground running with more regular boiler usage in the colder parts of the year.

Get professional assistance

As with any type of HVAC or mechanical equipment, it’s always a good idea to get regular service from professionals who work with this type of equipment every single day. A professional maintenance technician can carefully analyze the state of your boiler and determine the best steps to help you avoid some significant repairs, shutdowns and replacement.

For more information about boiler maintenance in Oregon City, OR and the steps you should take this winter to ensure smooth operation, reach out to the team at L & J Heating & Cooling today.

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