Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?

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An annual furnace tune-up is necessary in order to protect your investment and to ensure indoor comfort all winter long. While an inspection is worth every penny, it’s also great to save some money on service. After all, annual maintenance is the key to a long lasting, properly functioning heating unit. Right now, you can take advantage of L & J Heating & Cooling’s special offer for a full tune-up of both your AC and furnace for a savings of $60! All you have to do is mention this offer when you call to schedule an estimate appointment.

If you know that an annual furnace tune-up is important but rarely get it done, just think of how expensive repairs can be on a neglected unit. Don’t ignore this recommended maintenance! Here are the top benefits of tuning your furnace in Oregon City, OR before the start of winter.

Lower energy bills

You will want to run your heating system in the winter to stay warm and comfortable, but even with an energy efficient furnace, running the unit can account for nearly 50 percent of your monthly energy bills. The longer and colder the winter, the more you’ll pay. The good news is that regular furnace maintenance (a full tune-up and replacing the filter) can make it more efficient and use less power. Studies have shown that annual maintenance can save homeowners as much as 30 percent (more if you install a programmable thermostat).

Maintain your warranty

If your new furnace came with a manufacturer’s warranty, then it’s a good idea to get regular furnace tune-ups. In many cases, you have to get an annual tune-up in order to maintain the warranty. Find out the length of your warranty and whether purchasing an extended warranty is worth the extra cost—keep in mind that a furnace that’s well cared can last upwards of 20 years. Make sure to maintain service records, because if the day comes when you need to reference the warranty, there’s no doubt the manufacturer is going to ask for proof that you cared for the unit.

Catch potential safety risks

Furnace maintenance before winter comes also helps keep you and your family safe from furnace-related dangers. The fact that furnaces produce heat through burning fuel should be reason enough to be absolutely sure the combustion process is functioning properly. Poorly maintained furnaces are also susceptible to carbon monoxide leaks. These gas leaks can be extremely dangerous—even deadly. An annual tune-up can give you peace of mind that everything is working properly.

Efficient heating all winter long

No one wants to encounter a furnace breakdown in the middle of the winter. An annual furnace tune-up prior to the start of winter means problems get caught and fixed early so you stay safe, warm and happy during the cold winter months.

Make sure your home’s furnace is tuned up and ready to go before winter arrives. Call L & J Heating & Cooling this fall to get a head start on furnace preparation in Oregon City, OR and take advantage of a full furnace and AC tune-up at $60 off the usual rate!

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