How Simple Air Conditioning Maintenance in Oregon City, OR Can Help You Save Money This Summer

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It’s not free to heat or cool a house. In fact, HVAC power consumption is one of the largest energy expenses for American homeowners. Is your home’s air conditioner ready to take on the summer heat? Here’s some simple air conditioning maintenance in Oregon City, OR that can help you cut your cooling costs:

  • Replace the air filter: Changing the air filter is perhaps the easiest step in air conditioning maintenance. Unfortunately, many people don’t check to see if the filter is dirty, let alone change it on a regular schedule. The good news is that you can change the filter yourself, but do it every one to three months to keep everything running smoothly. How often you should change it depends on the type of filter you have installed and the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat: All brand-new air conditioning systems come with a thermostat, but not necessarily a programmable one. Luckily, you can purchase and install a programmable thermostat at any time, which can help save you a lot of money on summertime cooling costs. This is because it reduces the use of air conditioning when you don’t need it, like when you’re at work or away on vacation. Some newer devices even give you the ability to control the temperature in your home from your smartphone or computer.
  • Clean the outdoor unit: Take a few minutes at least once a month to clean the outside air conditioning unit. Remove leaves, grass clippings, weeds and other tree debris that may be blocking the unit. All these things can suffocate the unit, thus reducing your AC’s performance.
  • Check unit components: While you’re outside cleaning away debris from the AC unit, you can also clean other components to help your AC run better—including the fins and coils. Carefully brush debris off of each thin metal fin using a toothbrush or something similar. However, if you’re too rough on the fins, you could accidentally bend or damage them. To clean dust buildup from the unit’s coils, first disconnect the power, then simply spray the outside of the unit with a garden hose. A commercial air conditioner cleaner may be needed to clean a heavily soiled unit.
  • Inspect the slab underneath the unit: Your outside AC unit sits on a concrete slab. After you clean the unit, use a level to ensure the concrete slab is level. The more level it is, the less energy the unit will have to use. Keep in mind that the base could shift over time whether your slab is sitting on solid ground or on filler gravel.
  • Look for leaks in the ducts: Another part that needs periodic maintenance is your home’s ductwork. Believe it or not, leaky ducts account for a significant amount of energy loss in homes. An HVAC technician can test your ducts for efficiency, locate leaks and seal those leaky areas. Stay cool, save energy and lower your energy bills!

When you need to hire a professional for air conditioning services in Oregon City, OR, call L & J Heating & Cooling. We’ve been serving area homeowners for over a decade, and look forward to working with you soon.

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