Hot Weather Is on the Way—Is Your HVAC System Ready?

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The summer heat is quickly approaching. Soon you’ll be trading in those long-sleeved shirts for tank-tops and flip-flops. As the temperatures climb, the HVAC takes on an extra workload to keep the home at a cool and comfortable temperature. All that hard work can take a huge toll on the HVAC, though. Some over-taxed ACs can lead to low system efficiency, high utility costs and unexpected breakdowns. That’s why it’s so important to have the unit regularly serviced by a professional. Let’s take a closer look at the effect the summer season can have on an air conditioner, and why calling for AC services in Oregon City, OR in advance can help you get some valuable peace of mind.

Extreme strain

Many homeowners run their ACs around the clock during the hottest months of the year. Because of this, the unit sustains a huge amount of wear and tear. The HVAC will likely need to be repaired, or may even experience unexpected breakdowns more frequently. A broken AC in the middle of summer can be miserable. Plus, emergency repairs can be quite costly. The only way to reduce the chance of this occurring is through regular AC services in Oregon City, OR. The technician will examine the unit in search of any developing vulnerable spots. From there, they will be able to make any repairs and replace parts as needed.

Component problems

Most of the AC’s internal parts won’t suffer any damage from high temperatures—they’re designed to handle it. However, components like the capacitor aren’t as resilient when the temperatures skyrocket. The capacitor transfers voltage to the motors. It’s prone to burning out in extremely hot temperatures. The only option is to replace it if this happens. Homeowners will first notice a quiet, but persistent clicking sound when the AC starts up. Call for AC services in Oregon City, OR as soon as this occurs, as it’s a sign of a failing capacitor.

High utility bills

The summer temperatures can be hard on the wallet. As mentioned previously, the AC works overtime during the summer months to keep the home at the set temperature, but a sudden spike in energy costs likely means they AC can’t take the heat. Over time, the efficiency of the unit will suffer without regular maintenance. The unit will then have to work twice as hard to maintain the set temperature, which often results in shockingly high utility bills. Save your budget by hiring a professional to inspect your AC and make any necessary repairs before summer arrives.

Prepare your HVAC for warmer temperatures with the help of L & J Heating & Cooling

A brief AC inspection from the pros at L & J Heating & Cooling will ensure the unit is ready for whatever summer has in store. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home will stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Call our team today to schedule your annual AC services in Oregon City, OR!

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