When Is the Ideal Time for Air Conditioning Services in Oregon City, OR?

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Skipping seasonal air conditioning services in Oregon City, OR can cost you big in repairs and replacements down the road. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the importance of annual AC tune-ups.

AC tune-up and check

The best time to schedule an air conditioning tune-up and system inspection is before summer arrives, because you want to identify any problems well before you need to use the cooling system. If you postpone the tune-up, you could end up baking while waiting for an AC technician to come out to your house. Things will heat up even more if you have to wait for repairs to be completed or for parts to get replaced.

Ideally, you should schedule your annual air conditioning tune-up service in early spring. These are the times of the year when you don’t need to blast your AC, which makes them the perfect time to fix any problem that is discovered. It’s best to perform AC maintenance when temperatures are still a little cooler; otherwise, the technician will have to turn your AC on and wait for it to reach a certain indoor temperature before servicing. Here at L & J Heating & Cooling, we consider 60 degrees the ideal temperature to perform maintenance on most air conditioning units.

Why get an AC tune-up?

Air conditioning tune-ups and other services are your best defenses against unexpected breakdowns. The better you care for your AC, the longer it will last and the more money you can save on energy bills over the lifetime of the unit:

  • Increase system efficiency: A complete AC tune-up and check includes testing, cleaning and adjusting individual components and the system as a whole to ensure efficiency. All air conditioning units lose efficiency over time, especially if you live in an area that sees hot summers, but units that are neglected become inefficient more quickly. Maximize your AC’s efficiency and your home will cool down faster, and your energy bills may shrink.
  • Avoid expensive fixes: Air conditioners are extremely complex systems, which is why catching problems early is key. Ideally, you want to fix AC problems while they are still small. Big problems can be more expensive to fix, particularly if the problem has already spread to other parts of the HVAC system.
  • Stay away from unexpected emergencies: Preventative maintenance programs are essential for all homeowners, no matter the type of heating and cooling systems they have. These programs include annual maintenance, tune-ups and system checkups that help homeowners avoid unexpected emergencies and service calls. You can schedule maintenance without having a preventative maintenance plan in place, but services may cost more.
  • Plan ahead: The condition of your system will be discussed every time an AC technician comes out for maintenance. This conversation helps you prepare for a system replacement before it breaks down completely.

Performing an AC tune-up in the springtime is the best way to ensure your system is prepared for the summer heat. Call L & J Heating & Cooling for more information about our air conditioning services in Oregon City, OR, or to schedule an appointment!

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