Winter Dangers: HVAC Refrigerant Leaks

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Winter weather brings with it many hazards. Ice and snow can create treacherous driving conditions. Exposure to cold temperatures can pose a danger to your health. Did you know that there is another winter danger that many homeowners overlook? HVAC leaks call for immediate HVAC repair in Oregon City, OR, but they are often missed or ignored.

Why are these leaks dangerous? They can have serious effects on the system, the surrounding structure and occupants. Here’s the scoop.

Inadequate Heat

Extreme cold requires fully functioning heating systems to properly maintain safe, comfortable surroundings. When an HVAC system experiences a refrigerant leak, it is not able to perform optimally. It will struggle to keep the interior at the desired temperature. It may even fail entirely. Without heat, those living in or using the building will suffer and their health and safety could be at risk.

System Shutdown

Your HVAC system requires adequate refrigerant to function. Low levels due to leaks will lead to malfunctions. If you do not get HVAC repair in Oregon City, OR right away, the leak could cause the heat pump to freeze up. The compressor is also in danger of overheating. These are serious issues that can cause extensive damage that results in further repair or even replacement of the entire unit.

Red Flags

How can you avoid these dangerous and costly situations? Watch for the following signs that you need HVAC repair in Oregon City, OR. If you notice any of these red flags, don’t hesitate to contact your local professionals for repairs:

  • Low output: Does your heater seem to have lost its “oomph”? If it doesn’t seem to be putting out heat like it used to, it might have a leak. Don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Contact a technician for HVAC repair in Oregon City, OR.
  • Cool interior: If your heater is running, but it can’t keep up with the cold, this could be due to a refrigerant leak. Watch for situations in which your heater continues to run but the rooms never feel warm enough. Don’t simply crank the thermostat. Contact a professional for HVAC repair in Oregon City, OR to determine the root problem.
  • Hissing: It’s unlikely a snake has made its home in your HVAC system—that hissing noise is likely the sound of refrigerant leaking out of your pump. If you hear this noise, contact a technician immediately for HVAC repair in Oregon City, OR.
  • Ice: Check your heat pump’s coils. Is ice present? This is often a sign that the pump is leaking. Take action with HVAC repair in Oregon City, OR right away.

Stay Safe

Don’t take any chances this winter. Contact the professionals at L & J Heating & Cooling to keep your system running smoothly and safely. Our team has been a go-to contractor for HVAC repairs in Oregon City, OR since 2003. We specialize in repairs and installations of heaters, boilers, oil furnaces, gas furnaces and electric furnaces in residential and commercial settings. Contact us today!

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