How HVAC Maintenance Saves You Money!

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Your to-do list is probably already packed full of tasks that need to be completed ahead of the upcoming holiday season. Purchasing gifts, attending countless holiday parties, decorating the house and partaking in all the winter fun can leave people feeling like there’s no time or money to spare. Many important home maintenance tasks are pushed off until after the holidays in all of the seasonal chaos and expenses, but some responsibilities, like HVAC maintenance, just can’t be postponed. Regular HVAC maintenance is vital to keeping a system operating smoothly even through the coldest nights. It can also keep heating costs down and reduce the likelihood of needing a major HVAC repair in Oregon City, OR or an unexpected replacement after a breakdown.

What can go wrong if HVAC maintenance is skipped

Skipping HVAC maintenance might not seem like a big deal with all the other hustle and bustle, but neglecting the system could have negative side effects:

  • Higher utility bills: All those holiday costs can quickly add up. The last thing you need is a shockingly high utility bill to interfere with your gift budget. An improperly maintained HVAC system will result in higher energy bills each month. An HVAC unit that is running efficiently means lower utility costs and more money left for holiday fun.
  • Inefficient performance: A poorly maintained HVAC system operates inefficiently. The unit is forced to work much harder than its well-maintained counterpart to produce the same amount of heating and cooling. The additional strain will put more wear and tear on the system, requiring frequent HVAC repairs in Oregon City, OR.
  • More emergency breakdowns: Neglected HVAC units are much more likely to fail during high usage months, especially December through March. Regular maintenance will ensure the system will be ready for all those cold winter nights.
  • Shorter lifespans: A well-maintained HVAC system typically lasts for about 10 years. Each skipped maintenance appointment will negatively affect the lifespan of the system.
  • Poor air quality: Your indoor air quality will also suffer. The dirt filters and coils will push dirt into the air, which your entire family will then breathe in. A neglected HVAC system is a breeding ground for grime, dirt, bacteria and even mold. This can take a direct toll on your health and worsen any existing respiratory issues.

The benefits of HVAC maintenance

Many homeowners incorrectly assume they save money by skipping maintenance. That’s clearly not the case—regular HVAC maintenance improves efficiency, increases the lifespan of a system, keeps utility bills low and prevents emergency breakdowns. Proper servicing is also crucial to handling HVAC repairs in Oregon City, OR before they turn into huge problems. The HVAC specialist will identify and fix any potential issues as they arise, instead of waiting until they escalate into an emergency.

Scheduling regular HVAC inspections and maintenance will help keep the system running smoothly throughout the winter season and the rest of the year. Call L & J Heating & Cooling today to learn more about the benefits of a well-maintained HVAC system!

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