Why HVAC Maintenance Is Mandatory, Not Just Recommended

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Fall is finally here! Soon it will be time to cozy up in a warm sweater, carve a pumpkin for Halloween and rake up all the leaves that fell in the front yard. As you craft your fall to-do list, make sure not to forget one important mandatory item: HVAC maintenance. Many people shrug off this chore because they think there’s no need to pay for maintenance when the unit seems to be working just fine. But HVAC maintenance in Oregon City, OR is much more important than one might think. In fact, it should be considered a mandatory part of your home maintenance routine. That’s because this small investment can help you save money, improve air quality, increase safety, help the environment and even boost the comfort levels in your home. You’ll never put off HVAC maintenance again after you learn just why it’s so important.

Why is HVAC maintenance so important?

The main goal of HVAC maintenance is to keep the system running at top efficiency throughout the entire year without any surprise breakdowns. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget about the HVAC system until their forced to deal with a broken part or unexplained problem. The system needs repairs and tune-ups just like a car or lawn mower. Regular maintenance from a trained professional will keep it working its best without any incidents.

The benefits of HVAC maintenance in Oregon City, OR

Here are just a few of the reasons why HVAC maintenance should be considered a mandatory item on your maintenance to-do list:

  • Avoid breakdowns: Everybody just wants to make it through the fall and winter seasons without having the heat go out in the middle of a freezing night. The odds of this happening drop significantly when the HVAC is inspected by a professional every year. They’ll be able to spot and repair any developing issues before they turn into a major problem.
  • Lower energy bills: Do your monthly energy bills seem a bit high lately? A neglected system gradually decreases in efficiency, which forces it to work twice as hard and consume more energy to maintain the set temperature. Professional maintenance will ensure the HVAC is running at its best.
  • Less repairs: The cost of frequent repairs can add up. A technician will be able to replace a fraying belt or struggling part during the inspection before it breaks. Annual maintenance pays for itself just by helping you avoid on-the-fly repairs.
  • Longer lifespan: The HVAC will always perform at its highest level with regular service and cleaning. Following this simple step each year will help you get the most out of the unit’s lifespan.

It’s clear making HVAC maintenance in Oregon City, OR a mandatory part of your fall routine will pay off, both in the short term and over the long haul. Let L & J Heating & Cooling help—we’re a licensed, insured and bonded company you can trust. Our knowledgeable and friendly associates will help ensure your HVAC is in top shape throughout the fall and the rest of the year. Call us today for your free estimate!

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