How Humidity Effects Residential HVAC Systems in Oregon City, OR

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Excessive humidity can make the summer feel even hotter than the temperature you see on your thermostat. Not only can high humidity leave you feeling sticky with sweat, but it can also affect the efficiency of your air conditioning system’s performance. The humidity can also take a negative toll on the heating system. It becomes trickier for the HVAC to maintain a comfortable temperature within the home when the humidity is too high or too low. This can leave the occupants feeling uncomfortable and warm, even when the air conditioner is on full blast.

Here are just a few of the ways humidity can affect your residential HVAC system in Oregon City, OR.

How HVAC equipment deals with humidity

The HVAC system heats and cools an area using two different techniques. The first one, known as sensible heating and cooling, lowers and raises the actual temperature to achieve the set temperature. Another option is latent cooling, which brings the temperature down by removing moisture from the air. Sensible heating and cooling is better suited for hot and dry climates, as they don’t rely on dehumidification. More moisture-prone areas, such as Oregon, really need the dehumidification of latent heating and cooling to reduce the humidity levels. HVAC systems leave the air drier by removing the moisture from the air and adjusting the temperature.

How humidity affects air conditioning

As previously mentioned, HVAC systems are designed to remove humidity from the air, but excessive humidity levels can force the unit to work a lot harder to produce the same results. A unit without a sufficient cooling capacity will struggle to handle extreme humidity, which will leave the air in your home feeling moist and clammy. The increased effort could make the unit more prone to unexpected breakdowns and decrease its overall efficiency.

Use a dehumidifier to contend with humid conditions

The best way to contend with humid conditions is to have a dehumidifier installed in your residential HVAC system in Oregon City, OR. This simple addition works with the HVAC to pull excess water from the air before it is sent through the ducts and into your home. A professional installation technician can install the dehumidifier directly onto your HVAC. Oregon residents should consider having a dehumidifier added when a new system is installed. This way, you will be able to easily manage both the temperature and humidity levels throughout your home.

The HVAC will be better equipped to effectively do its job so long as the humidity levels are in check. Not only will this help keep your home cool, but you should also notice a drop in your monthly energy bill, as your system won’t have to work as hard to cool the home.

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