Should I Upgrade My Thermostat?

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How can you get the most from your air conditioning services in Oregon City, OR? You want to achieve the greatest comfort, efficiency and system longevity possible, but what’s the best first step? Many wonder if a simple thermostat upgrade might be the answer.

In fact, this can provide multiple benefits to your system and your wallet. If you’re considering upgrading your thermostat, keep the following in mind.

A Programmable Thermostat Reduces Costs

Sure, you’ll be spending money to invest in the upgraded thermostat, but you’ll save money in the long run. A programmable thermostat allows you to automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on your occupancy patterns. While you’re sleeping or at work, your air conditioner will be working less. It lets you create a temperature schedule that flows with your family routine. This will increase energy efficiency, reduce utility bills and limit wear and tear on your AC unit.

A Programmable Thermostat Increases Convenience

Have you ever forgotten to adjust the thermostat before you went to bed? Your options are to either get back up or let it cool unnecessarily all night. You may also forget to adjust the thermostat before you go to work. Your furniture enjoys a nice cool day, while you pay the bill. A programmable thermostat eliminates these scenarios. Everything is automatic. Easy!

A Wi-Fi Connection Offers Further Enhancements

The Internet of Things has taken HVAC systems to the next level. Wi-Fi capable thermostats make cooling your home even more convenient. You can link to your home thermostat while away and adjust the temperature as needed. If you forgot to change the temperature before you left, that’s not a problem. If you want to raise the temperature a bit before you get home, simply log in and adjust it from anywhere.

Upgraded Thermostats Allow Climate Zone Control

Do you have a multi-level home? It can be difficult to maintain comfort levels on three different floors. Are there rooms you rarely use during the day? Cooling empty spaces wastes energy and money. One way to increase energy efficiency and save on AC bills is to create multiple climate zones in the home. Use a programmable control for each zone, to customize the climate for appropriate temperatures in each area of your home throughout the day.

Batteries Must Be Fresh

When was the last time you checked or changed the batteries in your thermostat? If you are considering upgrading your thermostat or have already upgraded it, be sure to keep batteries fresh. For devices that aren’t hardwired, poorly functioning batteries will reduce the performance of your thermostat and thus the AC system overall. Use quality batteries, and never combine used batteries with new ones.

Get Upgraded Services

Whether you want to upgrade your thermostat or have additional questions about air conditioning services in Oregon City, OR, our experts are here to help. Contact the experienced technicians at L & J Heating & Cooling for all your HVAC needs. We will help you select the best solutions for upgrading your home AC system to achieve optimal functioning and efficiency. Reach out to us today!

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