What Should I Set My Thermostat at for Best Efficiency?

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As the seasons come and go, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to save on utility bills. One of the most common questions people ask their AC services in Oregon City, OR is how to set their thermostat for the best efficiency. Following are a few tips to answer this question:

  • Programmable settings: In any season, you’ll achieve the greatest efficiency by using a programmable thermostat. This allows you to pre-set the temperature to raise and lower based on when you will be home and awake. You can always adjust it as needed, and it will keep your home’s temperature steady and comfortable.
  • Winter settings: During cold temperatures, try to keep your unit set at around 68 degrees for best efficiency. Use extra layers of clothing and throw blankets to keep warm when sitting still in the home for long periods. This will prove cheaper than turning up the heat every time you feel a chill. Don’t forget to turn it down further if you will be out of the house for a while.
  • Summer settings: Keep in mind that your AC equipment is designed to adjust the temperature up to 25 degrees from the outdoor temperature. Don’t try to create a 65-degree chill factory in your living room when it’s 97 degrees outside. For best efficiency, keep the thermostat set in the upper 70s during warm weather. Use fans, dehumidifiers and proper attire to help keep cool without overworking your HVAC unit.
  • Vacation settings: If you’ll be out of town, set the “hold” button on your thermostat. This will keep the temperature constant, which saves energy, reduces wear and tear on your AC and keeps your utility bill lower. If you will be leaving pets at home, keep them in mind as you choose the hold temperature.
  • Night settings: Most people sleep more comfortably when the temperature is cooler. In both the summer and winter, set your thermostat to lower the temperature at least five degrees during the hours you will be asleep. Make this an automatic setting, so you can never forget to change it before you go to bed. This will reduce energy costs and help you get better sleep.
  • Everyday settings: Is your home vacant for more than four hours per day? If you’ll be gone for a significant amount of time, consider adjusting the temperature. Reducing it just five degrees can save significant energy and cost. Lowering it by 10-15 degrees for 8 hours a day can shave more than 10 percent off your utility bill.

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