Importance of AC Tune-Ups and Maintenance Before Spring

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With winter weather fading away and spring just about ready to bloom, many homeowners are getting ready to turn off their furnaces and start using their air conditioning units to moderate the incoming warmer weather. As easy as it is to simply turn one system off and another on with a switch, you should avoid turning on your AC unit until you are able to have your system inspected by a professional.

Maintenance and inspection are crucial air conditioning services in Oregon City, OR, and what better time to do them than the time between freezing winter and smoldering summer? This spring, be sure to call your local HVAC experts and have them give your AC unit a tune-up.

Benefits of AC maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional to perform air conditioning services in Oregon City, OR is the cost savings you see as a homeowner. Inspecting, maintaining and cleaning your air conditioning unit after it has sat unused all winter will help it run much more efficiently when you decide to turn it on. A more efficient air conditioner will use less energy, helping to lower your utility bills throughout the spring and summer.

Additionally, your HVAC expert will be able to identify any problems with the AC unit or its components before you turn it on and it has the opportunity to break. Maintenance visits are almost always much cheaper than extensive AC repairs, which can cost between hundreds and thousands of dollars.

AC tune-ups and maintenance also make sure that your air conditioning system will run without fail. Once the temperature really starts to rise in late spring, you’ll probably be running the AC all day, every day; a sudden breakdown can result in serious discomfort on a hot day. Keep yourself and your family comfortable with reliable, consistent AC.

Steps to prepare your AC unit for spring

Aside from the maintenance services a professional can provide, you can take steps to clean and prepare your air conditioning system for use in the spring. These things can usually be done fairly quickly with little to no experience necessary.

First, make sure to change your air filter. Changing out a dirty filter for a clean one will help your system run efficiently and keep your system free of excess dust and dirt. Next, head outside and remove any covers or lids on your outdoor air conditioning unit. Then, clear away any debris on top of or near the unit so no twigs, leaves or other debris can get lodged in the fans. Make sure all panels on your outdoor unit are properly in place and are undamaged.

You can also clean various parts of your indoor unit and AC system, but some things like cleaning the evaporator coil are best left to the professionals.

Call in the experts for AC tune-ups and maintenance

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