Duct and Furnace Noise Translations by Your Local Heating Contractor in Oregon City, OR

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Have you ever tried to describe a noise to a repair technician? Whether you were talking to an auto mechanic or a heating contractor in Oregon City, OR, it was probably a challenge. When these noises occur, we want to know what is causing them and what, if anything, we should do about them. Is it time for repairs, or was that just the wind?

Following are some of the most common noises and their causes. Remember, if you ever hear any concerning noises from your furnace, don’t hesitate to contact your local heating contractor in Oregon City, OR for assistance:

  • “Pop”: If you hear popping noises, these are probably coming from your ductwork. The metal in your ducts expands and contracts as the temperature changes. As your system shuts on and off, you may hear this expansion and contraction process as “popping” sounds. To reduce the noise, you can insulate the entire system or insert pieces of foam or rubber in troublesome spots.
  • “Scrape”: This is one sound you should not ignore. It usually indicates a broken or loose part. It could be a minor repair or a major issue. Contact your heating contractor in Oregon City, OR as soon as possible to determine the cause of the scraping noise and make the necessary repairs.
  • “Rattle”: Does it sound like something is rattling around in your vent? That’s probably exactly what the problem is. If you hear rattling or flapping from your ducts, something probably fell through the register. Screws, nails and small toys are often the culprits. If you can access your ducts through a vent, remove the register and pull out the rattling items. If you are unable to access the ducts or want a more thorough duct cleaning, contact your heating contractor in Oregon City, OR.
  • “Bang”: If your furnace makes a loud bang, pop or boom when it ignites, this is a different issue than the minor popping of your ductwork. This noise can indicate a faulty pilot light or dirty burner. As the furnace ignites more slowly than it should, gas gathers. The bang is the sound of a small explosion as the accumulated gas ignites. If it continues to happen, these explosions can damage other parts of your furnace. Contact your HVAC professional to make repairs sooner rather than later.
  • “Squeal”: The blower and blower motor may make a squealing noise if they need service. The squealing may come from a frayed belt or the housing may need to be cleaned. If you hear squealing, schedule service for your HVAC system. A simple cleaning and maintenance visit will probably solve the issue.
  • “Knock”: The vibration damper should prevent the blower compartment from making knocking noises. However, if this is loose or improperly installed, it may need an adjustment. Your technician can make this repair and prevent future knocking noises from your furnace.

Your local heating contractor in Oregon City, OR can help you translate what your furnace is trying to tell you. If you hear any of these noises, contact L & J Heating & Cooling to decipher the problem and restore peace and quiet to your system.

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