How to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

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Many of us have a to-do list for the fall season. It includes things like preparing the garden for winter, packing away summer clothing and getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is another important item that should also make your list: preparing your furnace for the wintertime. Just like our cars, our furnaces need checkups and maintenance from time to time to make sure they are staying efficient and fully operational.

The worst time to find out your furnace is having an issue is when that first cold snap makes an appearance. Even if your furnace was working fine at the end of last winter, that doesn’t mean it’s still doing okay. A lot can happen from spring to fall, so getting it inspected is a must.

Whether you have a system that still has plenty of life left in it, or you’re looking for new furnace installation in Oregon City, OR, you can trust the experts at L & J Heating & Cooling to give you top service at fair prices. Here are a few of our best tips for preparing your furnace for the cold months ahead:

  • Check the filters: One simple task you can perform right now is to change your furnace’s filter. If you haven’t changed it in a while, especially while it was running last, pick up a few (they’re not expensive) and put a new one in. Plan to take a look about a month after it’s been running full time to see if it’s dirty. If it still looks like it’s doing a good job, you can wait longer. Pro tip: Check out your local home appliance or hardware store during the summer for deals on furnace filters. A lot of stores have leftover filters in stock at the end of the winter, and they sell them at a reduced price in the offseason.
  • Clean the area: If you’re preparing for new furnace installation in Oregon City, OR, or have a furnace in place now, it’s important to make sure the area around the unit stays clean. This means keeping boxes, toys, yard tools, fabrics, electronics and all other items at least several feet away. Having items in close proximity is a fire hazard. Never place anything on top of your unit, because this can block important vents and air ducts.
  • Fill the tank: If you currently own a gas furnace, summer and fall are great times to have your gas company come over to fill it up. The cost is usually cheaper, since it isn’t the busy season and there is less demand. Plus, you don’t want to be stuck on empty in February during a snowstorm!
  • Bleed the valves: If you currently own one or more hot water radiators, now is a good time to bleed the valves. It’s as simple as opening the valves just a little bit, and closing them again when you see water start to come out.

Whether you need new furnace installation in Oregon City, OR or require routine maintenance, L & J Heating & Cooling is here to help. Give us a call today to take the first step toward a warm and cozy winter!

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