How Pet Hair Can Affect Your Residential Air Conditioning in Oregon City, OR

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Your four-legged friends are more than just pets—they’re a part of the family. From playing fetch to cuddling on the couch, cats and dogs can make fantastic companions. But even though you love your pets, there are some things that can be difficult to manage when you have animals in your home—namely, pet hair.

Depending on the breed of your pet, it can seem almost impossible to get rid of hair from your furniture or floor completely, but did you know that your pets’ hair could be affecting the quality of your indoor air and the effectiveness of your air conditioning in Oregon City, OR? It’s important to understand how pet hair can affect your air quality, and what you can do about it.

The effects of pet hair on air quality and health

In your air conditioning system, one of the most important components is the air filter. This filter is responsible for catching harmful debris before it begins circulating through your home. Since this filter is working to remove old air in order to bring conditioned air into your space, it will come into contact with a variety of different particles that exist in your home.

Pet hair is one example of a type of debris that will be caught by this filter. Your filter will be able to capture some of this hair and prevent it from polluting your air, but increased buildup can eventually impact your air quality. When these filters aren’t changed on a regular basis, the hair will start to detract from the quality of your indoor air. This can have a variety of negative effects on the health of you and your family members, including aggravated allergies or asthma symptoms.

Minimizing the effects of pet hair on your system

When air goes into your HVAC system, it has to pass through special air filters that are designed to capture any dirt, dust and debris and prevent them from contaminating the air that is being introduced into your home through your heating and cooling system. While these filters can be a very effective means of air filtration, they have to be cared for properly if they are expected to work their best.

When filters are not changed or inspected on a regular basis, debris can build up quickly, and the filter may become less efficient at capturing things like as pet hair. In addition, dirty air filters can force your system to work harder, which means that your energy expenses will likely go up. You can avoid this by having your system inspected regularly and ensuring that your air filters are changed and cleaned as needed.

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