How Long Should My Air Conditioning System Last?

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Replacing an air conditioner is an investment that no one wants to make anytime soon. The longer you can forego purchasing a new AC unit, the better! However, understanding how long you can depend on your cooling system before having air conditioning services in Oregon City, OR replace it can help prepare you for the inevitable purchase.

The life expectancy of an AC system

On average, your air conditioning system should last 10 to 15 years, which of course is dependent on your usage patterns. If you use your AC unit more frequently, it most likely won’t last as long. If you operate your system less frequently, it could last two times as long.

Care is also a factor in how long your air conditioner will last. Well-maintained units may last as long as 15 to 25 years, while those that don’t have maintenance on a regular basis may see their life end at 10 years or earlier. It isn’t surprising to see a well-maintained air conditioning system last a full 25 years because it is constantly cared for.

Having AC services in Oregon City, OR maintain your air conditioner is a good way to help increase its potential life. With a little TLC, your AC unit could extend its life many more years and keep you cool inside your home all the while.

Increase AC life with regular maintenance

One of the ways that air conditioning services in Oregon City, OR will make sure that your AC system is properly maintained is by regularly changing the air filter. This will allow your air conditioning system to breathe freely and operate without difficulty. A clean filter can help to increase your AC system’s life, as it won’t have to work as hard to operate or keep your home cool.

AC services in Oregon City, OR will also examine your condenser and keep it clean of all debris and dirt buildup. This can allow for more efficient operation of your air conditioner and less wear on the components of the system.

There are also ways that you can help lengthen your air conditioning system’s overall lifespan. Keeping your thermostat set a few degrees warmer in the summer months can help alleviate stress on your cooling system. Setting the temperature to a comfortable 72 degrees will keep you cool and prevent your AC from working too hard when it is extremely hot outside. This can reduce the overall usage of your air conditioner, giving it many more years of operation at your home.

Having regular maintenance provided by air conditioning services in Oregon City, OR can help increase the lifespan of your air conditioner and prevent you from having to replace it with a new unit sooner than should be expected. Contact L & J Heating & Cooling for regular maintenance of your air conditioning system. We offer 24/7 emergency service and can make sure you stay cool all summer long. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment or learn more about our services!

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